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For my diploma in visual communications, I created the 2008 annual print-issue of the Jamaican online magazine "First". That publication reflects upon modern life in Jamaica, and like Jamaicans themselves, it continually looks outward – observing, absorbing and reinventing the world surrounding it.
Aside developing the visual concept of the magazine, I also did the illustrations for the authors' articles and contributed four photo reports all shot in Kingston.
The final result is a 150 pages magazine dealing with different aspects of the Caribbean island in an authentic way. You got the option to stream one of the five music playlists which were compiled for five chosen articles for an additional layer of infotainment.
Have a look at the preview of the whole magazine further down the page and feel free to send me your feedback.

If you want to write about this project online, you can grab images right below the flash mag.
For all publishers: please note that the magazine shown is just a prototype and all of the work inside is unpublished material. If you´re interested in publishing all or parts of it, please get in touch.

Enjoy, Gabriel Holzner.
the fights-mix
our darkest hours-mix
kingston logic-mix
the bill-mix
school of vision-mix
Click on the links on the left to stream one of the five music mixes recorded for selected articles.
In the printed version, the reader can access the music stream by taking a picture of one of
the QR codes, printed on the content pages, with his cellphone camera.
Download Adobe Flash Player.
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If you want to write about this project online, you can download some example spreads and product photos here. Click on the pictures to open bigger versions and save.
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